Messages to Prime Minister Abe - "ABE UNDER SIEGE"

Today, we have a crisis of democracy in Japan. The crisis was created by the Abe administration’s repeated attempts to depart from the principles of democracy. People's voice for peace and constitutionalism remains strong , but it urgently needs to be amplified and spread across the nation and beyond. For this purpose, we have set up the project “Messages to Prime Minister Abe - ABE UNDER SIEGE". This is a platform where people can share their concerns about PM Abe’s political complacency and join their voices against his consistent neglect of people’s will.

Concerns are mounting at home and worldwide about the destructive policies of the Abe administration on issues affecting the future of the society, such as nuclear power plants, security related laws, constitutional amendment, US base in Okinawa, State Secrecy Law, TPP, consumption tax, social security system, employment and labor deregulation, agriculture, hate speech, and education.

Among these, the security related bills currently discussed in the Diet have provoked particular concerns not only in Japan but also in the international society. In neglecting Japan’s democracy, Prime Minister Abe has promised the passing of the laws on the right to collective defense before submitting them to the Diet. The opinions of the overwhelming majority of legal scholars that the bills at hand are unconstitutional was set aside by the government, which is increasingly losing its democratic credibility. While more than 80 percent of Japanese people say they need more explanation about the bills, the Abe administration has manifested unprecedented arrogance by trying to hurry the vote without sufficient debate in the Diet.

In order to survive this historic crisis, we urgently need express support from prominent individuals at home and abroad to put the Abe administration “under siege”. Please contribute your message to PM Abe to save our democracy.

July 1, 2015.

The Committee of “No to Abe Administration”