Refuse Abe ! 0322 Rally: Mar. 22, 13:00 Hibiya Open-air Concert Hall, 14:00 Petition Rally, Demo around the Diet.

Refuse Abe ! 0322 National Rally.

Reclaim our Democracy !

Refuse Abe’s policies on nuclear power plants, collective defense, constitutional amendments, US base in Okinawa, State Secrecy Law, TPP, consumption tax, welfare, labor and agriculture.

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March 22, Sunday, 2015

  • 13:00〜  Rally at Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall
  • 14:00〜  Submission of Petition, Demonstration around the Diet


  1. Hibiya Open-air Concert Hall
  2. Around the Diet

We will submit a petition to the parliament members at the same time as surrounding the Diet building.

  • Please check our website for occasional schedule changes.


Committee for the 0322 Rally against the Abe administration.


  • Hibiya Park:Hibiya station (Hibiya and Chiyoda line), Kasumigaseki station (Marunouchi, Chiyoda and Hibiya line), Uchisaiwaicho station(Yurakucho line).
  • Diet building:Sakuradamon station (Yurakucho line), Kokkaigijidomae station (Marunouchi, Chiyoda line), Kasumigaseki station (Marunouchi, Chiyoda, Hibiya line), Nagatacho station(Yurakucho, Hanzomon and Namboku line).

Committee for the 0322 Rally against the Abe administration


  • Metropolitan Coalition against Nukes
  • National Network for Abolishing Nuclear Power Plants
  • PARC


  • SEALS: Student Emergency Action for Liberal Democracy
  • TDC: Tokyo Democracy Crew
  • Citizens’ Group for Examining State Secrecy Law
  • Committee for the Wakamono Rally for Constitution
  • C.R.A.C.: Counter-Racist Action Collective
  • TA4AD: Tokyo Action for Anti-Discrimination
  • Lawyers for Civil Action in front of the Diet
  • JLAF: Japan Lawyers Association for Freedom
  • Lawyer’s Network Against TPP
  • SHOKKENREN: National Coalition of Workers, Farmers and Consumers for Safe Food and Health, Japan
  • Japan’s Federation of Women’s Organizations
  • Beer and Café BERG Shinjuku
  • NOUMINREN: Japan Family Farmers’ Movement
  • MIN-IREN: Japan Federation of Democratic Medical Institutions
  • Federation of Commercial and Industrial Institutions
  • ZENROREN: National Confederation of Trade Unions
  • Tokyo Regional Council of Trade Unions
  • New Japan Women’s Association
  • ZEN-NOH ROREN: National Federation of Trade Unions of Agricultural Cooperative Associations in Japan

(The list includes organizations which joined the project by Mar. 22. )

【Supporting Organizations】

  • Green Peace Japan
  • Norikoe Net
  • Opposition to the Helipad in Okinawa
  • Network for Preventing Helipad in Takae, Okinawa
  • Takae Residents Against Helipad
  • Citizen’s Network for Peace in Okinawa
  • Ramen Noodle DOUGENBOUZ
  • Editorial Board of NO NUKES voice at Rokusaisha
  • Café inelle Asagaya
  • I change Tokyo
  • Tokyo Local Network for Refusing Abe Administration
  • Japan Peace Committee
  • Mothers’ Demonstration
  • East-Saitama Committee of 100
  • Article 9 Association on FB
  • Nakano Kyoudou Project
  • Committee for 0301 Countdown Live
  • Article 9 Association, Waseda
  • Tachikawa Peace Committee
  • Dad, Mom, I, Anti-nuclear Walk Rally in Musashino & Mitaka
  • Club of top spinning in Suginami
  • Minshuku YAPONESHIA
  • Article 9 Association, Fujisawa
  • Yuntaku TAKAE
  • Japan Peace Committee
  • Meeting aims to Okinawa a rich peace without base, Osaka
  • Voice of Gifu Prefecture citizen to protect the peace, human rights and the environment
  • Article 9 Association, Ogaki
  • Union at Seinen
  • 全日本精神疾患民主患者同盟
  • U-20 Demonstration Committee
  • OoA.Against.Racism
  • 自交総連 上北沢自動車学校労働組合
  • 東京芸術大学教職員組合
  • 辺野古への基地建設を許さない実行委員会

(The list includes organizations which joined the project by Mar. 22.)

  • Please contact us if your organization supports this project.


Concerns are mounting that the second Abe administration has been reestablishing the political characteristics of the pre-1945 Japanese government. Most recently, Prime Minister Abe capitalized on the ISIS hostage crisis to argue that Japan should be ready to send Self Defense Forces abroad, while it is widely known that the administration’s military and confrontational stance against ISIS has aggravated the situation. The combination of hawkish policy and neglect of human lives seems to be a consistent pattern of this administration. From the macro-economic measures which pander to the big business at the cost of increasing poverty, to the unwillingness to deal with the proliferation of hate speech in the civil society, people’s wish to live in peace and stability is increasingly dismissed by the administration’s policies.

The enemy unites us. Too often, Abe disregards public opinion against his ill-conceived proposals and does not even hesitate to sidestep democratic parliamentary procedures to advance policies representing the interests of the powerful and the rich. In this circumstance, it has become evident to the organizers working with different issues in our society, such as nuclear power plants, collective defense, constitutional amendments, US base in Okinawa, State Secrecy Law, TPP, consumption tax, welfare, labor, and agriculture, that none of these issues can be handled democratically without ousting Prime Minister Abe from office.

With the municipal elections in April coming up close, it is high time we deliver the Abe administration a strong and clear message that we will not take it anymore. We must reclaim our democracy from those who dismiss people’s voice. On March 22nd, in Hibiya, let us be a massive crowd and tell Shinzo Abe that his clique of dictatorial aspirations does not represent us because we are a democracy.


  • Please come prepared for rain and cold.
  • The rally will hold fast to the principles of non-violence.
  • If you feel sick during the rally, feel free to talk to the staffs.
  • We do not allow religious or other organizations to recruit people at the rally.
  • We do not allow distribution of flyers and other printed matters at the rally without permission.


From Japan Post Bank account,

  • Japan Post Bank
  • Account: Shutoken Hangenpatsu Rengou
  • Account Number: 00170-1-291074

From other bank accounts,

  • Japan Post Bank
  • Account: Shutoken Hangenpatsu Rengou
  • Checking Account Number: 291074
  • Branch Number: 019

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